། ཞི་བདེ་ཀུན་ཁྱབ་གླིང་།

My name is Geshe Tashi Dorje. I am director of the Center for Universal Peace in New York. I was born in the border of Tibet and Nepal in a remote village. I am currently 47 years old. My date of birth is March 28, 1975. My father name was Tsering Dorjee who deceased when I was very young. Two years after that in 1989, I decided to be a monk and join Sera Mey Monastic University located in South India.

In 1991, I received the Getsul (Samsrana) ordination blessing from His Eminence Kachen Lobsang Soepa, former abbot of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and in 1993, I received Bikshu (Gelong) Ordination Blessing from His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. In 2003, I was awarded the Rigchung degree on completion of the perfection of wisdom course. In September 2005, I was appointed to be the “Chant Master” which was the third highest rank official of Sera Mey Monastery. I did it thoroughly for 9 years. Studied the Buddhist education for almost 17 years in the Five Major Text of Buddha teaching. I was one among the eligible candidate appearing for the 6 consecutive years of Gelugpa Board of examination.

On the 25th day of November 2012, I was honored with exceptional Geshe Graduation ceremony on special consideration at Gelugpa University named Sera, Gaden and Drepung. On December 25th 2012 I got Doctorate Ph.D on Buddhism regarding the Five Major Text from H.H The 14th Dalai Lama. Around the end of 2012 I was invited to USA by my fellow westerners who were dharma followers. It was my first time visiting USA. So, I did teaching and also taught Tibetan language to the young and elder Tibetans and also Westerners.

I look forward to continuing what I am doing right now.

Thank you